Terms and Conditions

By enrolling your son/daughter into A1 Dance Academy, you confirm that you accept the following terms and conditions:

  1. ENROLMENT OF NEW PUPILS – Payment for 4 trial lessons is £15.00 per subject. The enrolment form should be completed and returned or submitted online with payment on the first lesson. The remainder of the term’s fees will be due after 4 lessons.
  2. PAYMENT OF FEES – All fees for the term are payable in advance and are not refundable. Cash is accepted in a sealed envelope with payment slip & name of child on envelope or Bank Transfer (Sort Code: 40-33-11, Account 61521381). Cheques will no longer be accepted. All payment slips must be returned to the teacher however the payment is made.
  3. LATE PAYMENT – If fees are not received by the due date as stated on the invoice, we reserve the right to refuse entry of your child to class until payment is received. We reserve the right to charge an additional 10% administration fee for late payment of fees.
  4. UNIFORM – Regulation uniform should be worn in all classes. See our uniform list. Uniform should be ordered through Lavender Dancewear – please ring 07711 990225 or email misslavender@btinternet.com, this will ensure your child has the correct uniform for their class.
  5. HAIR – Hair must be tied back at all times (preferably in a bun for ballet – compulsory for grade 1 upwards). Jewellery must not be worn – this includes watches.
  6. PUNCTUALITY – So as not to affect the enjoyment of other students we ask that you ensure that you arrive in plenty of time for your class. Students need to arrive in time to get dressed into the correct uniform and to be prepared. Please try and ensure that your child has visited the toilet before class, as trips to the toilets during class time cannot be supervised & are disruptive to the running of the class.
  7. BEHAVIOUR – We believe that students should show mutual respect for each other and for their teacher and poor behaviour will not be allowed. Dancing is fun and to be enjoyed by all so we ask each and every student to abide by this simple philosophy at all times.
  8. COLLECTION – The Academy is not responsible for any child except for during their class times. Pupils must wait to be collected and must not leave the premises alone.
  9. CORRECTION OF PUPILS – Dancing uses major muscle groups, you can expect your child’s body to develop in different ways to which they have been. This is completely natural and healthy, and will benefit your child enormously. To ensure these muscle groups are used and worked properly, your child’s teacher may from time to time have to use physical contact to get students into the correct stance for example. We aim to make these corrections with due care and respect for dignity, these corrections must be made as part of class training, if you have a problem or would like to know more please talk to your child’s teacher. This will ensure injury does not occur and muscles develop correctly. Although every care is taken during class, the academy can take no responsibility for any injuries that may occur.
  10. VALUABLES – Valuables such as purses and watches must not be left unattended, as the academy cannot accept responsibility for any losses incurred. Mobile phones may be brought into class for security, but must be turned off during class.
  11. WITHDRAWAL FROM A1 DANCE ACADEMY – Classes can only be terminated by giving 6 weeks notice in writing by parents wishing to withdraw a pupil from the academy (or discontinuance of any subject). Should any pupil be withdrawn without such notice being given, it is part of the contract that the parents shall pay 6 weeks fees for such withdrawal, in addition to the fees for the current term.
  12. PERFORMANCE OUTSIDE OF THE SCHOOL – Whilst we expect our students to gain the most experience and enjoyment from dance we do expect loyalty to the dance school and we encourage you to discuss any other outside dance classes & performances you may be planning with your teacher to avoid any conflict of interest.
  13. CLASS VIEWING – To avoid distraction during lessons, parents are not permitted in the studio during class without permission of your child’s teacher. Opportunities will be provided at various times to view children’s progress, such as a show, which will be put on in a theatre in which all children can perform.
  14. POTOGRAPHS/FILMING – I understand and give consent to use of photographs and video recordings from time to time including A1 Dance Academy website/Facebook page/internet for press and promotional development of the school.
  15. EXAMS – Students will be invited to take formal exams only when the teacher considers them to be exam ready. This may be on condition that the student attends all classes required and any extra ones that may be required. All exam fees are non-refundable & must be paid prior to entry by the due date or students will not be entered & may need to remain in the class until the next exam session.

May 2019